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As regular computer users, we may not think of data communication accessories in our every day life, as these are normally included in our regular computer equipment. But for businesses dealing in these products, there is Adactus, a company that works B2B, and provide these accessories. They deal in accessories such as receivers and repeaters, connectors, cables and antennas. So many components are needed to connect machine to machine, and these products all have names and are available from Adactus. Adactus makes it easier.

flying bird

I was taken care of a bird which flew against our window. The bird was alive but I think he or she was shocked and needed some rest. I made a small cage and I gave some water. Every few minutes I went out to watch the bird and after a while I saw that the bird was on the feet again. That looks great. The bird could leave the cage if he or she wants but the bird stayed almost 3 hours. I did some ironing and gave the bird some rest. When I came back after some hours ...